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faq 1. Tell me about Australian Cypress?

All Millwood’s furniture is made in Perth from Australian Cypress (Callitris glaucophylla) sourced from NSW. The timber is harvested using sustainable management practices that comply with Australian Forestry Standards (AS4708). Australian Forestry Standards recognises world’s best practice.(for further information we suggest you see www.cypressnsw.com or do an internet search for a wide range of sites that discuss Australian Cypress.)

Australian Cypress is classified as a Class 1 durability timber (the  highest rating possible)and is well known as one of the few timbers in the world which is naturally white ant resistant without needing to be treated with toxic chemicals. It is medium hard and well suited to harsh outdoor environments. It also has a very low shrinkage factor, ensuring the furniture is very stable.

It has a beautiful resin rich grain with very tight knots giving it a fabulous character.

faq 2. How does Cypress furniture fare outdoors?
If your setting is outdoors but undercover and protected from the weather, it should stay looking good for years. If it is exposed to the rain and direct sun or continually getting wet, the timber will go a silver grey over time similar to Teak. It is however rated as a Class 1 durability timber (the highest rating possible) and known for it good weather durability. The timber itself is unlikely to easily decay or deteriorate. Many of our customers are happy to see this weathering quality develop in their setting, as it develops a more rustic look. If your setting is situated in the open and exposed to rain and direct sun you may wish to consider using a breathable protective cover, when it is not in use. As wood is a natural product it should not be stored under plastic as this will inhibit the flow of air around the furniture and may cause mildew to form.
faq 3. What guarantees do you provide?
All our furniture is guaranteed for 1 Years against material and manufacturing defects, excluding natural wood fading and natural wood features including surface checking.
faq 4. Can you arrange freight and do you deliver?
All furniture can be picked up from our O’Connor factory or for Perth metro orders we can deliver and position in the place of your choice for a small delivery fee. For country and interstate orders we pack the furniture down into cardboard boxes and arrange freight either to your doorstep or a freight depot nearest to you. Freight costs can be surprisingly low. For instance we can freight a setting to country WA from as little as $200 or to Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide from just $200. We can quote on freight costs at the time of ordering. Assembly instructions are provided with all packed down furniture.
faq 5. What care and maintenance is required?
Australian Cypress is a unique resin rich timber. The resin in the timber is a natural preservative and also makes it one the few timbers in the world that is white ant resistant without the need for toxic chemicals. Like all timber however, a small amount of maintenance is recommended. Firstly, if you find the setting getting a bit loose, simply tighten all the nuts using a spanner or a socket. Secondly, your furniture has generally had a light coating of furniture oil applied to it prior to delivery. It is recommended that you reapply a coating of furniture or light decking oil to all planed timber surfaces on receipt and reapply every 6 - 12 months thereafter depending on the location of your setting. We recommend Colourguard Rejuvenating Oil for Light Coloured Timbers available from us or hardware stores. Alternatively, a natural furniture or decking oil should be used. The Best Method: Usually it is a matter of simply wiping oil onto the timber with a soft lint free cloth by wiping around the edge and then wiping with the grain. Don’t apply too heavily and we suggest you don’t paint on with a brush as it applies it too heavily. Marks and light scratches can often be removed by using a light steelo pad soaked in oil and gently rubbed on the mark with the grain. If you have any queries about your setting maintenance please contact us.   Click here to see a printable version of Care & Maintenance of your Cypress Furniture 
faq 6. How can we order and pay?
To order simply contact us direct or by phone or email and place your order. You can pay by cash, cheque, credit card or direct deposit to our bank account, details of which will be on the invoice we provide you. You can pick up from our O’Connor factory or we can deliver to the Perth metro area or arrange freight to country and interstate.
faq 7. What if I am not happy with my furniture?
If on receipt of your setting you are not entirely satisfied, please contact us within 14 days to discuss. If required, you can return the setting to us for a replacement or a full refund of the setting price. Any freight charges are not refundable.
faq 8. What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, cheques, all major credit cards; (Visa, MasterCard, EFTPOS) and direct funds transfer to our bank account.
faq 9. How is the furniture shipped?
In the Perth Metro area, furniture can either be picked up from our O’Connor factory or delivered for a small delivery fee. Country and interstate orders are packed into cardboard boxes and freighted using the most appropriate company for the destination. We take advantage of back freight rates across Australia to keep freight costs down. Easy re-assembly instructions are included.
faq 10. Can you send furniture to country Australia and overseas?
We do not send overseas but we can definitely freight furniture to country WA and interstate.
faq 11. Do your prices include shipping?
All prices quoted include GST and are based on the cost of the furniture at our factory – they do not include freight costs unless otherwise stated. We can provide a quotation for freight costs at any time.
faq 12. Can I collect an order myself?
Yes – you can pick up your order from our O’Connor factory – usually a trailer or a flat top ute will suffice for larger settings or a hatch back car or station wagon for smaller pieces. Alternatively, we can deliver to the Perth metro area or arrange freight to country WA or interstate.
faq 13. Once I place an order, when can I anticipate the furniture to arrive?
Most furniture is already made up so we can fulfill orders within 2-3 days or sometimes earlier
faq 14. Do you offer a free catalogue?
We do have a catalogue. Click here to download a PDF version or contact us if you would like one posted or emailed to you.
faq 15. Can you recommend combinations of furniture for particular needs?
Definitely – our experienced staff can make recommendations as to the best furniture for your situation. We take account of such things as the size of your outdoor area, how many you wish to seat, the type of activity you are catering to and above all your personal preferences as to the type of furniture that suits you.
faq 16. Why do you use Cypress?
In the mid ‘90’s the founders of our company won a contract to demolish an unused small village in NSW that was ostensibly made from Australian Cypress. They made rustic outdoor furniture and it was an instant hit in the local furniture store. As a result they expanded and continued to refine their range using milled timber and eventually set up in Perth. Today we carry on the tradition and to the best of our knowledge are one of only two companies in Australia that use Australian Cypress for outdoor furniture. We choose to specialize in Australian Cypress due to the fantastic qualities of this timber and to differentiate ourselves from the myriad other companies using other timbers or importing from Asia.
faq 17. Do I need to oil my furniture?
Yes – timber requires a small amount of maintenance, in particular oiling every 6-12 months depending on the location of your furniture. It is a simple matter of wiping on with a lint free rag similar to cleaning your furniture. See question 5 "What care and maintenance is required?" for full details.
faq 18. Is the furniture white ant and weather resistant?

Australian Cypress is renowned for its natural resistance to white ants and its tolerance to weather. The timber has a very tight grain and a high level of resin.

If it is left exposed to the elements however it will probably turn a silver grey colour and loose its new look. Under cover and out of the rain and the direct sun you can expect it to maintain its original looks for years. We do recommend you oil your setting.See question 5 "What care and maintenance is required?" for full details

faq 19. Can I purchase accessories and replacement parts from you?
Yes – if you find a part needs replacing, contact us and we will provide a replacement part if possible